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Hello! And welcome to Sprachenatelier Berlin's Blog!

Let us introduce ourselves.
Sprachenatelier is a language school based in the trendy Eastern district of Friedrichshain, next to central Berlin. The school is based in a listed 20th century building which is located on Frankfurter Allee, one of Berlin's oldest roads. We founded Sprachenatelier Berlin in 2003 as both a school and a studio; an institute where language learning is enhanced by a creative and immersive atmosphere and intercultural exchange. The studio space still features the original interior design and is the setting for regular cultural events such as art exhibitions, book readings and concerts. Thirteen years later and we are still dedicated to this approach.

Offering lessons for all different levels, our German courses make up the core of our language program. Depending on your knowledge of the language, there is something for everyone, from complete beginners to „German for Doctors“. As well as our wide selection of German courses, we also offer courses in more th…

Weekend trips around Berlin

Berlin is a city that has it all. However, there are times when a little change is needed. For that reason, I will be writing today about some cities near Berlin to visit during the weekend. I hope it is helpful and see you very soon in our next post! LEIPZIG So Leipzig may no longer be a surprising getaway and you have probably already heard many things about it. The truth is that it is ‚the new Berlin‘, just like Wedding is the new Kreuzberg.

Rumours about Leipzig have been going around for years. Its cheap rentals, the fact that it‘s the place to be for artists who want to move away from Berlin, its vibrant music scene and wide range of partying options… Leipzig is incredibly lively, and the countless cafes, bars, art galleries and young people you meet at every corner definitely give this city a special vibe. As you can tell, it is very easy to fall in love with this appealing city. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Leipzig and take advantage of its affordable holiday rentals…

Top 8 Things to do in Friedrichshain!

If you‘re learning German at Sprachenatelier, you‘re sure to want to get to know the area a little better, so we‘ve compiled a list of six must-see places to check out during your time in the capital which are all easily accessible by foot from Sprachenatelier.

(1) The East Side Gallery
Located just 30 minutes from our language school, The East Side Gallery is – as you likely have heard - the longest remaining section of the Berlin wall, standing at 1316 metres long. Starting from 1990, 105 paintings on the wall have been contributed to by artists from all over the world, with one of the most famous paintings having been completed by artist Dmitri Vrubel and depicting Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing - have you seen it yet? 
Location: Mühlenstraße, Friedrichshain, 10243 Berlin

(2) Berghain
The notorious nightclub Berghain is just a 23 minute walk from Sprachenatelier, but it isn‘t the kind of place you will want to go to unwind after your classes! It is known for being o…

How to: survive winter in Berlin

It sounds like a silly thing to say, but lots of people coming to Berlin and studying with us simply are not used to the Northern European chill. Even though I'm from the UK, so I'm more in need of advice on surviving hot weather than the cold, the problem became clear to me when talking with my Honduran friend, who was looking forward to his first winter but who - well - had never really been cold and was a bit apprehensive! So, in honour of our students from sunnier lands, here‘s a crash course of 8 ways to wrap up for the winter, things to remember and what to get used to to make your winter in Berlin one to remember. 
1. It gets dark
One of the things that will surprise our guests from warmer climates will be the winter darkness- it gets dark here, and then it stays dark for the majority of the day.It is not uncommon for people working an 8-4 shift to miss daytime altogether! A lot of Northern Europeans are used to it- it does not really bother us much, but it can make so…

Berlin on a Budget

Berlin is freezing in winter, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing to do, or that you have to spend your week's budget on one trip out just because it is no longer the weather to take a free trip to the lakes or visit festivals in the parks. We've compiled a list of 20 more or less off the beaten track activities which you can do around the city in the coming months – for a total of under 20 euros. They are split into categories so everyone can find something right up your street....enjoy!
Classic sightseeing:
1. Take the bus line 100 all the way around Berlin.
As a regular bus, you won‘t automatically receivean audio guide for this; however, you can download one online before you start from here: ! This 60 minute journey from Zoologischer Garten to Alexanderplatz will show you many of the cities main attractions. You can check out the route it takes here:
Location: Zoologischer Garten …

German Levels (A1 to C2)

What does A1, A2 etc. mean..? ‚A1 to C2‘ are the levels of the Common European Framework (CEFR) – the levels are A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1 etc. upto C2.2. This not only applies to German, but it is the standardised level reference used for European languages in general. A1 is beginner level, and the system goes upto C2, which is in theory mother tongue level – however, not even all native speakers would be able to pass a C2 exam!

How long does each level take? Is the test a compulsory part of the courses? Every intensive German courses has an average of 160 sessions per level; however, the length of time required depends greatly on the individual student. A student with a background in learning languages and who speaks a Germanic language as their mother tongue will most likely require significantly less time than a student with no prior experience with learning foreign languages who speaks, for example, a romance language as their first language. The classes are consequently fle…